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Kingdom Life Church

Sundays - 10:00 AM
Wednesdays - 6:30 PM

The Pink Palace Museum
3050 Central Ave.
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Kingdom Life Church is a family of believers dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, through practical Biblical preaching and teaching, life-changing fellowship, and spiritually driven principles. (Matthew 6:33; Acts 2:42-27)

The vision of Kingdom Life Church is in our economical and community responsibilities, and our desire to prepare the next generation for future challenges.


Kingdom Commerce

The parable from Luke 19:13 instruct the believer to “occupy until I come.”  The word “occupy” literally means to “do business” or “be busy.”  Effective communities have the ability to do business and create commerce to sustain it and the people which live in it.  KLC will encourage Kingdom commerce which aids to the vitality of the community at large.  Kingdom principles for generating commerce will be employed to accomplish the following core objectives:

  • To help improve the quality of life for KLC members and the community at large by providing jobs, encouraging employment and self owned businesses.  Studies have shown that employed families:
    • Divorce at a lesser rate
    • Have children who do better in school
    • Produce children with a greater college attendance rate
    • Produce children who are less likely to go to jail
    • Produce children that are more likely to adopt the ‘working mentality.’
  • To produce a working mentality that is transferable to the next generation.
  • Supply KLC with a working community within the membership.


Kingdom Community

To raise a balanced people within a community, it must maintain entities which foster both physical and psychological growth.  The primary purpose of Kingdom Life Church’s community programs are to stabilize the family structure and provide healing in broken areas.  Therefore KLC will become parent to:

  • (youth recreations project) – In conjunction with Youth ministries, KLC will offer a recreational oasis for youth and young adults.  Complete with after school tutoring, social crisis management, a skills center, as well as college preparatory classes and college scholarships.
  • CDC (Community Development Corporation) – Maintaining any community is the shared responsibility of the members in the community.  The CDC will provide a legal means for KLC to help the surrounding communities through a non-profit outlet.  The CDC can provide a means into non-profit dollars for community based projects and objectives which enhance the area in which we serve.
  • Christian-based counseling center – An in depth program for those in need of ongoing support.  This component focuses on mental and emotional development using the principles from the Word of God to bring restoration.  This center will be maintained by qualified Christian centered counselors, who uphold both spiritual and secular integrity concerning counseling systems.


Kingdom Education

The foundational aspect of a people’s future stability is its capability to properly prepare its current and coming generations for future challenges (Proverb 22:6).  At KLC, we ascribe that at aside of spiritual reformation the stability of a generation lies in its education.  To answer this need, KLC will place a high emphasis on education.

  • GenNow program – Classes for adolescents designed to boost spiritual empowerment and biblical literacy through the combination of public speaking and community missions assignments where they may immediately practice biblical principles and develop individual gift sets.
  • Conferences – Character and confidence building seminars and conferences focused on college life and struggles, and career ambitions for college and career appropriate young adults, providing them with practical tools and biblical principles to be successful personally and economically.
  • Kingdom Impact (young adult program) – Spiritual boot camp for young adults designed to remove them from their natural and spiritual comfort zones in order to boldly impact and transform a community for Christ through neighborhood camping-for-salvation projects.
  • College and Career programs – Leadership development/training and life skills classes that will prepare college and career seeking young adults for resume writing, computer literacy, job searches, and maturity development.
  • MasterLife – Discipleship classes for new Christians as well as experienced believers in Christ.  In addition to gaining victory over areas of weakness, participants will be encouraged to master living in the Word, prayer, personal purity, witnessing, and other key disciplines of faith.